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Yup It’s Me.

Yup It’s Me.

It’s funny sometimes how manifestation works. You think about stuff, then it happens.

Sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes (you think) not at all.

Lots of folks tell me I’m a great communicator. And it is true I love to talk. Especially about Metaphysical topics. I have spent my whole life fascinated by the workings of the non-physical world. And I love to show folks the scientific evidence that such a world exists. The world where thoughts are formed into physical reality. So lately I have been “thinking” about bringing this knowledge to the greater public. Some simple tweeks to our thinking can yield some incredible results and it is just the kind of stuff that is not taught in school. Problem is,… I’m not a very self edifying person. I don’t like to look at pictures of myself let alone a video. So doing a live presentation is no problem where “creating” a video is a huge stumbling block.

Ask and Ye shall Receive.

I have been thinking. Thinking that it would be real cool if I could get my message out there with out actually “promoting” myself. Well,… it is happening. Just like I “thought” it could, it is. Just like Gramma used to say “be careful what you think about, it just might happen”. Let’s not use that as some kind of warning. Let’s use that to it’s highest potential. Actually take care in what you are thinking and make it happen.

I was asked to be a guest on Peter Schenk’s MDM Show. This was my very first “recorded” event. And just like I thought,… I do not like to watch it. So I ask you, my trusted friends and students to check it out and tell me what you think.

Thank you for all your support.

Many great things to come.





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