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Programing Water With Intent

Programing water with intent,….Is it really possible ?

By: Jim Standish

You may have heard about it. There is actually lots of research about it. The idea that you can talk to a glass of water and it will respond to your intention. To the average person it may sound kind of far fetched or even a little crazy. And as we all know sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

This subject has fascinated me for more than 10 years.

When I was exposed to the movie “What The Bleep” and saw what Dr. Emoto was doing with water, I became intrigued.

Some years ago I was introduced to a computer software that “charged water with intent”. I have used this software and it’s various incarnations for over 8 years with amazing results. Most of the results were of a personal nature and it is sometimes hard to validate something 100% based on personal experience. That all changed for me last February as I was asked to do a presentation for the Rhode Island Dowsing Association.

Here is my story :


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