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After more than 30 years of research and development, and 22,000 case studies I Ching Systems has a technology that, in our opinion, just may change your life. Utilizing the ancient Hexagram symbols from the Chinese Book of Changes as binary math codes ( the oldest binary math codes known to exist on the planet), the hand held instruments can be used for balance in stressful times and for daily maintenance. The Instruments have been used by Individuals, Health Care Professionals and Practitioners, Hospitals and Support Groups in more than 130 countries.

We all want happy, successful, satisfying lives. Yet all too often there are barriers to achieving our dreams. There are social, cultural, familial and most importantly internal messages and patterns that can prevent us from moving forward. Those internal messages can tell us we are not good enough or that we do not deserve to have a happy satisfying life.

These messages are often the commands and demands of parents, teachers and other significant adults that have nothing to do with who you are and what you dream. These messages, both internal and in our external world, are so familiar that most of us just listen to them automatically without conscious thought.

The resulting patterns consume our energy in protective, survival behaviors that rob us of the life forces needed to move forward and transform our lives.

For Example

Let’s say someone punches you in the arm.

A bruise appears as a result. A physical manifestation of a punch on the arm. If the punch on the arm was a repetitive behavior, we might develop a defense system to protect us from the next punch. Similarly, if someone were to “hurt” you emotionally by saying something like “I Hate You !” (and meaning it),… that crushing feeling in your heart and stomach is an actual physical injury. No different than a cut or a bruise. If we could see our energetic pathways with a neuron microscope, we would see rips and tears in the fabric of the pathway as a result of this damage. And, if someone continued to assault you with hurtful words and emotions it is easy to see how we could develop defense mechanisms to help “defend” us from the next attack.

At a very, very early age we are influenced by the thoughts and intentions of others in our lives. These “thought forms” are actual particles that store and accumulate in our etheric structure. Some good, some maybe not so good,… that fact is , they are there,…. and we all have them.

In order to live in your most natural, healthy condition,…. free from coping, adapting and adjusting to life in ways that do not support your well being,….we need to live at balance point. All of us have had to develop adaptation mechanisms to survive within our families and school. Those protective mechanisms literally form into circuitry that becomes the pathways for our adaptive behaviors. Those circuits are often the basis of our repetitive behavior patterns..

Life Force Energy

Chinese medicine recognizes the idea of life force or energy flowing through the consciousness in an organized system of energetic circuitry. And, it recognizes the electromagnetic aspects of the consciousness. These are the same basic principles understood in Acupuncture medicine.

In Acupuncture, “gates” are stimulated in the electrical system of the body to move energy and life force throughout the system to restore balance to the circuits.

Chiropractic Services align the spine and skeletal system to allow life force energy to flow freely through the body.

When life force energy is flowing through a persons system uninhibited by blockages in the circuits, the body has a much greater possibility of repairing itself.

All of the I Ching Systems Instruments have been developed utilizing these very principles.

The hand held Instruments are designed to address and support the natural flow of life force through a persons system. At the same time, if used when a person feels out of balance, they are designed to address the energetic circuitry that is causing the imbalances.

When used on a regular basis, people report that they feel less stressed, more balanced, and less vulnerable.

The most common comments that people share with us is that they “feel more connected”, “their relationships are better” and that their “life situations have significantly improved”.

Think about it… If we do indeed store particles (thought forms) in our field (aura) and some (or possibly many) of those particles originated from another person in our life, and if the I Ching Systems Technology can clear some (or possibly many) of those particles so that we are not “run by them”,…. then it’s possible to think (or even experience) that we could have deeper more connected relationships with out all that old “stuff” hanging around.

You Decide

Your emotional well-being is your most valuable asset. Maintaining emotional balance and inner stability in our current world is no easy task. We believe that you the consumer have the right to decide for yourself if our non-ingested, non-invasive, non-toxic technology is effective or not.

Make an investment in Yourself! With a full 60 day money back guarantee, there is nothing to loose and everything to gain.

I Ching Systems Instruments

Time Tested

More than 30 years of research and development.

Proven Track Record

Over 22,000 case studies

Utilized By Professionals

Used by Doctors, Health Care Providers, Practitioners, Individuals, even Hospitals.

Global Scale

Used in over 130 Countries.

Learn About All Of The I Ching Systems Instruments

The perfect addition to your daily routine.


I Ching Systems are actual instruments or tools that are used to bring you to your “perfect balance point”.


I Ching Systems are actual instruments or tools that are used to bring you to your “perfect balance point”.


I Ching Systems are actual instruments or tools that are used to bring you to your “perfect balance point”.


I Ching Systems are actual instruments or tools that are used to bring you to your “perfect balance point”.

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