More than 30 years in the making.

After more than 30 years of research and development, and 22,000 case studies I Ching Systems has a technology that, in our opinion, just may change your life.

Utilizing the ancient Hexagram symbols from the Chinese Book of Changes as binary math codes ( the oldest binary math codes known to exist on the planet), the hand held instruments can be used for balance in stressful times and for daily maintenance.

The Instruments have been used by Individuals, Health Care Professionals and Practitioners, Hospitals and Support Groups in more than 130 countries.

  • Time Tested

    More than 30 years of research and development.

  • Proven Track Record

    Over 22,000 case studies.

  • Utilized By Professionals

    Used by Doctors, Health Care Providers, Practitioners, Individuals, even Hospitals.

  • Global Scale

    Used in over 130 Countries.

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