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We are former Educators, Clinical Social Workers and Mechanics

Founder I Ching Tools

Founder I Ching Systems

As former clinical social workers with a broad range of training in the field of mental health, we became dissatisfied with western approaches to inner balance. Traditional western systems take a functional approach to emotional stability often based on the idea that talking in the form of counseling might alleviate imbalances.

While for some people this is true, for others something more is needed.

In the early nineteen eighties, we left our successful psychotherapy practices in order to pursue an eastern approach to emotional stability and wellness products. The eastern view takes a structural approach, viewing the consciousness as an electromagnetic system through which life force must flow. In the eastern view, blockages in the flow of life force produces imbalances at all levels.

We here at I Ching Tools pledge to treat you, our customer, with the utmost respect and individual attention.

At I Ching Tools, our mission is simple: to assist individuals in the quest to find Inner Balance.

30 years of R&D, 22,000 case studies, used by doctors, health care professionals, practitioners, even hospitals in 130 countries.

We will continue to honor the concept that an Individual’s Health and Well Being is our most valuable asset.

The ancient knowledge and binary math codes of the I Ching may just be the keys to our emotional balance and inner calm. I think we may have found that proverbial peek in the crack of the cosmic egg, and for some people this technology may just change your life. Learn More About I Ching Systems

Founder I Ching Tools

Managing Director RIHHA


JIM STANDISH is a Board Certified, Registered Reiki Master/Teacher. His interest in Metaphysics began at an early age as his father, James Sr., was a devout student of Mysticism and active member of several Mystery Schools. In high school he was fascinated with Abe Maslow and the concept of the self actualizing personality.

Why was it so many other famous mental health professionals focus on the ills of mankind where Abe focused on understanding what made the best, the best. In the early eighties Jim had the opportunity to meet Mary Miller and experience what is now the I Ching Systems Technology. This began a long journey of self understanding.

“In the early days of the Gentle Wind Project I was what was known as an Instrument Keeper. This simply meant that I was responsible for making an instrument available to anyone in need within my geographical area. Something I still do to this day. In the late 1990’s I read “A Map To God” by Susie Anthony. The book was part of a spiritual awakening that took place for me in the Yucatan. This led me to seek the advice of the ancient Mayan Shaman Community. Going on 18 years now I continue my sojourns to the Yucatan to participate in the Mayan Temascal ritual.

In the summer 2008 I had the opportunity to be tutored by Judith Struck in the art of Reiki. Her knowledge and skill allowed me to peal back the layers of what is perceived as reality in an extremely profound way. I got to experience first hand just how fine the line really is between the physical world and the non-physical world. From my perspective, ascension IS the process of merging these two worlds."

With over 30 years experience with the I Ching Systems Instruments he is a certified Educator and Facilitator of this valuable healing modality. Jim is also a bit of a water fanatic. He has chronicled and validated the work of Dr.Masaru Emoto on his website I Ching Tools.com where people can learn about Water Consciousness and the work of many other famous water scientists.
And he holds a deep reverence and respect for the Earth honoring Indigenous traditions of the Shamanic Arts. Through his business “Pur Homes” Jim brings the ritual rites and ceremonies of the Ancient Americas to the general public in the form of House clearings, Land blessings, Sanctification, Traditional Despacho Offering and the Ancient Art of the Stone Cairn or Apacheta.

"So I come with open arms, a loving heart, and a ton of knowledge, wanting to share what has been so lovingly bestowed upon me. I bring a simple, down to earth approach to topics that may seem far out or hard to understand. Most of the so called new age stuff is not so new at all. The evidence would suggest that most of it is just long forgotten. I offer you the opportunity to remember. To remember what it is like to breathe consciously, to remember what it is like to drink living water, to remember what it is like to eat living food, to remember what it is like to have loving relationships, to remember what it is like to enjoy perfect health and Inner Balance.

This is not a pill,….it is a process. Let’s work together. Let’s make a map. Let’s start the journey. It begins with YOU.”

Email: jim@ichingtools.com / Cell: 401-684-1230

Founder I Ching Systems

MARY MILLER, MSW is an internationally known author and speaker.

Mary was born and raised in the Boston area and received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Boston State College and went on to obtain a Masters Degree in Social Work (MSW) from the University of Connecticut.

In 1975 she founded an alternative mental health center called the People’s Place and in 1982, opened OffSpring, providing support services to families who had lost young children.

As a result of that work, she authored two books on childbirth and on loss in childbirth under the name of Claudia Panuthos: Transformation Through Birth and Ended Beginnings, both on the market today.

From 1983 to 2006, Mary worked as a researcher and teacher at The Gentle Wind Project, a non-profit company formed to study the human consciousness and to develop instruments for restoring emotional balance. For over 23 years, the Gentle Wind Project’s instruments were helpful to thousands of people as evidenced in their research records.

In 2003, The Gentle Wind Project became the target of an unethical government official, as well as numerous anti-alternative medicine groups who deliberately sought to stop the production of alternative health products.

In 2006 after years of litigation, The Gentle Wind Project closed its doors after helping thousands of people improve the quality of their lives. Mary’s story can be found in her well-documented book, Caught in the Act of Helping.

A week after the government closure, Mary Miller and her associates opened a company now known as I Ching Systems, LLC. Their collective goal and dream was to create a technology that would restore emotional balance, and to break the legacy of suffering often passed on in families from one generation to the next.

Today I Ching Systems is back on the map reaching thousands of people in over 75 countries around the globe.

Mary is know as an internationally known Health Freedom Advocate and speaker. She is the author of It’s ALL About Relationships, It’s ALL About SEX and The Mathematics of a Successful Life Volumes I, II and III.

February 15th, 2018 marks the memory of Mary Miller’s passing – a passing that left a fairly large hole in the ICSA community.

For the 35 years that Mary headed up our outreach, she was a beacon to hundreds of thousands of people. She was the light that drew people out of the dark and into a world of forward movement (evolution) through energetic balance – a balance achieved through the use of our instruments. From the moment Mary signed on to this Project, her primary focus became improving people’s lives by connecting them to a state of balance.

Everyone who ever came into contact with Mary was changed for the better. And that is her legacy: the hundreds of thousands of lives she touched and made better. For one person as tiny as she was to have done such a monumentally huge job is almost unthinkable. And yet, Mary did. She achieved the goals she had set for herself all those years ago.

Because of Mary’s tireless and constant efforts, when it came time for her to move on, she left us with a solid foundation upon which to continue her efforts. We miss her, we love her, and we look forward to hooking up with her at the end of our time here.

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