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Cultivating Inner Balance

I Ching Tools compliments and supports the use of I Ching Systems® Instruments. We provide an opportunity for individuals to expand their knowledge of themselves through the utilization of various tools, techniques, and education.

I Ching Systems

Explore the I Ching Systems Instruments and find Inner Balance

Destiny Cards

Use this System to Discover Hidden Traits and Talents of You and Your Loved Ones

Water Consciousness

Structured Water Delivers More Oxygen To Your Body

Jim is a Board Certified, Registered Reiki Master/Teacher and has been utilizing I Ching Systems® Instruments technology for well over 30 years. The I Ching Systems® Instruments are easy to use and can be a perfect addition to your daily routine.

Managing Director RIHHA


I Ching Systems

Over 30 years of research and development, 22,000 case studies, used by doctors, healthcare professionals, practitioners, even hospitals in over 130 countries.





Destiny Card System

The 52 playing cards are exposed as an ancient astro/numerical calendar system. Used as a diagnostic tool, this system details inherent strengths and potential weaknesses within a persons natural energetic makeup. We can also look at family, personal and business relationships and how they effect your life experience.

The first thing to understand about Water Consciousness is that Water is just that,….Conscious. Water has the ability to acquire, hold and transmit energy (thought patterns) that can be used for a variety of purposes. Especially your health.

Programming Water With Intent

Evidence Suggests That Water Responds To Thought

Structured Water

Learn how structured water is beneficial to your health

Water Devices

From DIY to advanced machines

The Founders

Founder I Ching Tools

Founder I Ching Systems

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